Grand Bazar EJT has a new name: Le Bazar d’Oksana


fiche bazar oksanaLe Bazar d’Oksana

The Grand Bazar EJT has acquired a new name, Le bazar d’Oksana. For our regulars, all of the same rules apply!

For those of you who know us a little less, we would ask you to please respect the following instructions to ease, for our volunteers, the task of running this bazar.

  • Label each item with the owner’s name, the desired  price and if it applies, the size.
  • Prepare a list of all of these items with the desired price indicated, your name and phone number. You must leave us this list with us when you bring your items.

We will be located in the same trailer as last year although we might not be quite in the same location.

Our schedule

Friday May 6: from 2:00 pm onward to drop off items

Saturday May 7: from 8:00 am onward to drop off items or for the sale

Sunday May 8: from 8:00 am onward for the sale

Please come to pick up your monies and remaining items from about 2:00 pm onward.

We will be open on Friday and Saturday until 30 minutes after the end of classes and Sunday until about 1 hour after.