Josée Turcotte

Jumper/Hunter Coach

Recognised as a level III coach by Equine Canada, Josée Turcotte has been teaching English riding since 1984. Known for her drive and enthusiasm, she has shared her passion with hundreds of students. She successfully marries psychology and horseback riding with the goal of shaping mentally balanced and competitive athletes. Besides the many riders she has accompanied to the Royal Winter Fair, Josée Turcotte is committed to the active development and growth of equestrian sport while willingly sharing her knowledge with anyone who asks.
Josée Turcotte completed her university studies in Montreal. She dedicated three years to studying sociology, psychology and psycho-education. Today, she is aware that these studies stand her in good stead when approaching her athletes using appropriate pedagogical practices. Also, she regularly uses her knowledge of psychology to train horses.


  • Chef d’équipe, Jumper,Canadian Interprovincial Championships, 2012

  • Prix d’honneur aux entraîneurs, Level III Coach / High performance, Jumper, Equine Canada, 2011

  • Head Trainer, Programme de développement de l’excellence, Fédération Équestre du Québec

  • Chef d’équipe of the Quebec delegation participating in the Young Riders North American Championship, 2002